Is Curiosity Your Superpower, Friend? 次

Make Stuff #41

SENT ON November 26, 2021

Last week I was interviewed for an online writing summit (more on this soon), and the theme that emerged wascuriosity. Can there be creativity without curiosity? Isn’t it the driving force for creators?

Of course, in the following days, I started seeing curiosityin all things.

First, in my meditation practice: When meditating, curiosity helps us not get entangled in things. It helps us build that gap where we don’t associate with a thought but simply look at it. Curiosity is the fuel that powers our mindful inquiry: We see things as they are. Curiosity also allows us to slow down, return to the present, and accept where we are and what is happening now.

But (mindful) curiosity has other advantages. In his terrific bookUnwinding Anxiety, Jud Brewer identifies curiosity as a “key attitude that, when paired with awareness, helps you change habits”including anxiety and addiction.

But curiosity needs to be practiced. One of the most powerful statements we can utter is: “that’s interesting!?” So what do you do to cultivate curiosity, friend? And which aspects of your (creative) life could benefit from more curiosity?

I hope that you enjoy this issue. I will be back on December 10, but I’ll skip the December 24 issue. Take care and keep making stuff!



Curiosity is a superpower: here’s how to use it to combat anxiety & addiction

This interview with addiction psychiatrist and neuroscientist Dr. Jud Brewer covers some of the points inhis bookand shows how we canleverage the power of curiosity.


Cyndi Lauper on 60 minutes Australia

I’m sharing this video because Laupertells some candid stories of resilience and hope and I think that we all need this now. You don’t want to watch the whole thing? Within the first minute, she explainswhat she did when people told her she “sang like a rat.”


The Importance of Author Branding

Some good starters if you’re thinking ofdreaming upa brand for yourself as an author. As usual: A lot can be transposed to other creative disciplines.

Do you need help getting started?Let’s talk. I really enjoy guiding people on their branding journey.


What do we do with the work of immoral artists?

Is the value of good art more important than the behavior of the artist? Growing up in Tahiti, Gaugin was a mythical figure for me, and he is, of course, mentioned in this piece by Erin L. Thompson where tries to answer the question:Should I display the paintings of a murderer?

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Why I quit social media: my advice for artists and creatives儭

I don’t fully agree with illustrator and nature enthusiast Julia Bausenhardt, but I think that the opinion she develops in this video is shared by many creators who struggle with social media promotion. What’s your take, friend? Hit reply to share your story of success or your challenges with me.


This Is The New Business Model For All Creators

Talk about contrast! This interview with Houston Howard looks at the current state of the creator economy from the lens of Hollywood productions and offers an interesting counterpoint to Bausenhardt. Truth lies somewhere in the middle.

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Curiosity will conquer fear even more than bravery will.

James Stephens



These screenwriting principles will make your business story more engaging

Storytelling is still the silver bullet for corporate marketing, recruitment, etc. Creators are also business communicators, soconsider these questions next time you write your story.


Create the perfect environment to work and relax

There are so many white noise generators, but I like this one for two reasons:It’s a web app, and you can enjoy the sound of turning pagesa good change from fan and dishwasher sounds.

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