Should Creatives Organize as Co-ops? 🤔

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SENT ON September 30, 2022

Most folks I talk to hate it, and I’m right in the middle of it. No, I’m not reading Atlas Shrugged; I’m promoting my work, my workshop, to be precise.

It’s been an intense two weeks, and it’s just beginning. Overall, I’m comfortable doing it because I’m convinced of the value and the benefits of what I’m offering, but I can also see how hard it is for most people. Beyond the philosophical aspects of switching to selling mode, the sheer amount of knowledge it requires is astounding. When was the last time you ran an ad campaign with multiple ad sets on Instagram? Have you ever looked into radio advertising?

I feel for the authors, musicians, or visual artists who don’t have the time to develop their skills or the resources to hire folks to do this work for them.

Yesterday I had a thought: What if creatives organized themselves as co-operatives? Like a creative A-Team with an email marketing fan who does email for everybody on the team, a web person, a social person, etc. Instead of trying to master everything, folks could pick one discipline and focus on their creative work for the rest of their time. What do you think, Friend? Could this work? Hit reply, and let’s chat.

I have a good newsletter for you, and I hope you’ll enjoy it. I’ll be back on October 14. Until then, take good care and keep making stuff!



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Also: Did you know there’s a trap emoji!?


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“If you don’t live it, it won’t come out of your horn.”

—Charlie Parker


Creative Warriorship: Registration open 🐴

Registration for Creative Warriorship, my first 2-day in-person workshop in the heart of the Hudson Valley, is open. Come and let me answer the question that’s on your mind: Why so many horses?

Jokes aside, I think it will be a powerful experience. Join me and reconnect with your essential bravery. I swear there are no crystals involved.


Boring Friends wallpaper pack 😄

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Should I make smartphone wallpapers, Friend?


Thomas Deneuville

Thomas is a creativity coach and mindfulness meditation teacher. Originally from France, he lives in Upstate, NY, with his family and a couple of bagpipes.