This portfolio focuses on my UX work, some DIY projects, and what I’m currently learning.

By definition, this page will always be a work in progress.

DIY projects

These small projects were opportunities to work with technologies that combine software and hardware.

Drawing robot

I love drawing robots. I decided to make one at home, with what I had in terms of supplies, but also time.

art arduino

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Negative music

Photographic negatives seem so antiquated yet so intimate. I looked for a way to give them a second life.

art sound

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IoT plant

Plants don’t last long in our household. What if the plant tweeted at me when it needed watering?

iot arduino particle sensor

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I had been meaning to build a robotic arm and the open-source MeArm looked like the perfect project.

laser cutting arduino 9g servos

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Cardboard box robot

I was home with my oldest son on a Saturday. I decided to build a simple robot while he was napping. I had about 90 minutes.

arduino 9g servos sound

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Editorial and web


Started in 2010 as a personal blog, I CARE IF YOU LISTEN grew to become an award winning online publication.

After 10 years of operation as an all-volunteer enterprise, I CARE IF YOU LISTEN was acquired by American Composers Forum (ACF) in September 2020.


Launched in May 2013, I published 12 bi-monthly issues through an iOS and Android app.

In October 2013, the ASCAP Foundation Deems Taylor Media Award recognized I CARE IF YOU LISTEN and its founder and editor, Thomas Deneuville.

Is Classical Music Dead?

Back in January 2014, a Slate article by Mark Vanhoenacker stated that Classical music in America [was] dead. It was not the first article like this, and surely not the last. I got fed up and launched this site.

It was picked by WQXR, NewMusicBox, and Radio France.

UX projects

Here is a selection of UX challenges I have worked on.

Giving Day gift processing app

Giving day 2017 was a success with 8,640 donors making 12,209 gifts for a total of $6,321,962 but a major pain point emerged: post-day gift processing.

business process web

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A decade of difference

Cornell’s latest campaign came to a close and it was time to build its final presence online.


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Cornell classes and clubs

As Cornell’s Alumni Affairs and Development transitioned to a new platform I was asked to redesign the classes and clubs pages.


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Hunter College Facebook covers app

A few weeks before graduation, I had the idea to build a web app to let students show their Hunter pride.


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Cornell Alumni, Parents, and Friends
Cornell Alumni/Giving redesign

A year and a half of work to redesign the digital ecosystem for Cornell’s giving and alumni spaces. In partnership with Mule and Reaktiv Studios.


Hunter College digital signage

I worked with Spatial Discipline, the architecture studio that renovated Hunter College’s library, to create the digital signage that supported three desks on the third floor.


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Technology is a good driver for knowledge. I am always learning and here’s what I’ve been working on lately.


I love Python for its readability, its flexibility, and the range of possible applications, from robotics, to computer vision.

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My interest in robotics lies mostly in human-robot interaction, but I’m also fascinated by the engineering aspect.

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