Hunter College Facebook covers app

An engagement app designed for Winter Commencement 2014 to let Hunter College’s students share their graduation pride.

The idea

Students can make their own Facebook cover images on their computer or mobile device.

Each image is branded with the Hunter College logo as well as the graduation hashtag.

Instragram-like filters are named after Hunter’s landmarks: Thomas Hunter, Go Hawks!, Park Avenue.

Hunter College hadn’t, until then, engaged students on social during commencements.

First collaboration with the web team

I worked with Jacob Radford, a Web Developer part of CIT’s Systems & Web Development team.

We went from idea to web app in 5 weeks.

Making unique Facebook covers

Based on what I thought the app should do, Jacob decided to use CamanJS and Fabric.js.

This enabled us to offer 3 stickers (same I graduated! copy in 3 different typefaces), in 3 different colors, through 3 filters for a total of 27 permutations.

The filters were inspired by iconic Hunter College themes:

  • Thomas Hunter—the college’s founder—was a black and white filter
  • Go Hawks! was a saturated purple filter
  • Park Avenue had a vintage feel