Hunter College library digital signage

Thanks to a $15M gift from Toby and Leon G. Cooperman, Hunter College started an ambitious renovation project to bring the main library to 21st century standards.

A library for the 21st century

I was lucky to be involved in the first phase of this renovation.

I worked closely with Spatial Discipline (Calvert Wright Architecture) on the digital signage on the third floor of the library, as well as a donor scroll in the main staircase.

Based on the location of the digital signage, students expect to see different information: Hours of operation, next available tech support lane, upcoming event room, etc.

I integrated these expectations in the different wireframes I built for the three desks on the third floor: welcome, reference, and circulation.

Data pulled from the event calendar RSS feed, the Twitter API, a dynamic sheet for hours of operations, and more.

The signage was powered by Four Winds Interactive, a system I had worked on—and prototyped for—for a couple of years.

Final signage templates