August 23, 2016

Web, Email, Social Media and French Accent

This Spring took me by surprise.

I had a couple of big projects at Cornell (our second Giving Day was one of them—I’ll write about it at some point) and I spent the whole month of May in France, on parental leave. I didn’t have much time to plan my posts, let alone to write them!

When I came back, I was invited to talk twice: a First Tuesday sessions at Chamber Music America, and an episode of the Music Publishing Podcast hosted by Dennis Tobenski.

Both talks focused on what I love: Web, email, and social media applied for musicians (even though all of these concepts could apply to a lot of different disciplines).

I’m going to embed both here but I invite you to visit both CMA’s and the Music Publishing Podcast‘s websites and subscribe to their newsletters. It’s time well spent.

Developing Your Online Presence: Websites, Social Media, and Email Marketing


MPP #12: Thomas Deneuville on Social Networking and Email Marketing

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