About me

Here are a few things I've heard creators say when asked about what gets in the way of their practice:

  • Why would they want to see what I create when there is so much out there
  • I find it hard to see my work beyond how my friends or family see me
  • I struggle to view myself as professional
  • Feeling I don't "deserve" to spend time on my creative work
  • I try to get my stuff out there but I don't get much response
  • I'm afraid of putting myself out there and not being able to show up consistently
  • Social media feels overwhelming, and I don't know how to translate what I want to do into an internet-friendly way
  • Paralyzing perfectionism

The list goes on: Negative self-talk, networking, marketing, taking care of our families (and our bodies), applying for grants, pitching editors, auditioning, etc.

It sometimes feels like quitting is the best option.

Except we know it’s not.

Creators don’t have a choice: They have to create.

Creators make meaning.

That's what their life is about. 

Something inside of them dies when they can't create anymore.

Hi! My name is Thomas 👋

I am the support you wish you had 10 years ago.

I push you to be your best creative self.

A few facts about me:

  • I've trained and worked as a mechanical engineer
  • I've trained and worked as a composer
  • I've studied voice (tenor) in Paris, Milan, and New York
  • I founded and ran an award-winning classical music magazine for ten years. Its content was added to the Library of Congress in 2019 before being acquired in 2020.

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