Mindfulness Meditation for Organizations

Support your employees' and attendees' mental well-being by introducing them to mindfulness meditations. Help them feel less stressed, more mindful, and happier—all of which improve productivity and workplace communication.

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As a certified mindfulness meditation teacher with 15 years of meditation experience, I'm excited to provide mindfulness training and resources to help organizations integrate mindfulness into their culture.

Whether it is a one-off session during an online event, a 10-week program, etc. I'd love to craft a unique offer that will allow your employees and attendees to reap the benefits of mindfulness at the office and at home.

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The benefits of meditation

Meditation has been shown to have a number of benefits for both the individual and the organization. These include:


Improved focus and attention span


Reduced stress levels


Enhanced creativity and problem solving skills


Increased ability to handle difficult situations with calmness and ease


A mindful approach to work life balance


“The focus on mental health is critical now more than ever, and Thomas' service is a positive offering that supports that need.”

—Rachel Reuben Senor

Vice President, Account Strategy, OHO Interactive


Remote first

I live in Upstate NY and offer mindfulness meditation for organizations remotely. I'm excited to help them embark on their mindfulness journey regardless of where they work.

I'd be happy to discuss traveling if you'd prefer an in-person, COVID-safe approach.

How I help organizations like yours

One-off lessons

Are you curious about mindfulness but would like to see how your team feels about it first? Let me host a 30-min Zoom lesson for you and see what's possible.

Mindfulness keynotes

I offer keynote talks on the benefits of mindfulness, how it can be used in the workplace, and how to get started.

Building your community

Organizations are starting to build their own mindfulness-at-work communities through apps like Insight Timer, Calm, etc. Let me help you build yours from the ground up.

Organization retreat

Mindfulness meditation is a powerful addition to your organization's retreat. Whether online or in person, show your employees that their well-being is a priority.

Corporate mindfulness training program

Consistency is key for mindfulness meditation, and I'd love to support your employees through multi-week programs.

Mindfulness bookclub

Do books have a special place in your organization? I will host a mindfulness book club and recommend titles that are sure to echo with your employees.

Custom on-demand videos

I realize that every business has different needs, which is why I create custom, professional videos to support you.

What would a "meditation week" look like?


30-min Zoom call where I introduce the week's program, guide a 10-min meditation and invite participants to join me for a small challenge (10 minutes a day!). I share a pre-recorded instructional video for folks who couldn't make the call and host follow-up conversations on Slack.


Slack talk: The myth of posture. I check in on the challenge and answer questions.


Slack talk: How long should I meditate? I check in on the challenge and answer questions.


Slack talk: Eyes open or closed? I check in on the challenge and answer questions.


Slack talk: What about apps?

Later that day, 30-min Zoom call to bring the program to a close. We celebrate folks who committed to meditating 10 minutes a day; I answer a few questions before guiding a final 10-min meditation and sharing tips on establishing a daily practice.

A group of young employees huddled around a laptop enjoying mindfulness mindfulness for organizations

Apps we'd use


I have worked with the following organizations


“Thomas was great to work with and created sessions specifically designed for our conference program.”

—Day Kibilds

Strategy Director, Ologie


“Our guests loved that we offered mindfulness meditation and found it really added something special. It was clear that Thomas planned out the structure of the sessions to make them work effectively with our schedule.”

—Tracy Playle

CEO, Pickle Jar Communications, Utterly Content and ContentEd


“[Thanks to Thomas' intention setting activity,] the audience was better prepared for a full-on day of knowledge and content, and the meditation also helped them process all the information learned at the end of the day.”

—Magda Pytlos

Event CoordinatorEvent Coordinator, OmnichannelX


I am a 100-hour mindfulness meditation teacher, certified by Dharma Moon and Tibet House US. I studied with David Nichtern, a Senior Buddhist teacher of the Shambhala tradition of Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche.


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