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Hi! I'm Thomas.

Creativity is the driving force in my life. I am continually learning, and I want to share what I discover with you. Whether you are a maker, an artist, or just curious about creativity, I think that you’ll enjoy the emails that I send twice a month. They are full of links, articles, and prompts to inspire you to make stuff.

What I mean by stuff

In my writing, stuff is anything that you bring into this world through an act of creative courage: art, music, photography, writing, DIY electronics, ceramics, etc.

I mean it when I say courage; it can be scary, even painful. Journaling counts as stuff, too (it’s writing that we usually keep for ourselves.)

Photo by Kelvyn Ornettte Sol Marte on Unsplash

Make Stuff readers have loved...

  • A fantastic thread on creatives’ desks that should make you feel better if yours is messy (hint: it’s OK).
  • In Do Not Erase, NY-based photographer Jessica Wynne captured a series of busy chalkboards—still the medium of choice for mathematicians.
  • John Spencer thinks that creative work is like working out—you need a routine. I wasn’t sold on the analogy until I read the four other reasons. He’s got a point.
  • Christine Nishiyama runs a great community called Might Could. In this essay, she answers the question ‘what makes great art?‘ by introducing four theories for assessing the quality of a piece of art: Imitationalism, Formalism, Instrumentalism, and Emotionalism.

  • The Lost Abbey Archive is a collection of free hand drawing inspired by late Medieval Ages. Browse categories like Objects and antiques, Clothing, or Transport, and download beautiful line drawings. Everything is shared with a CC BY 4.0 license.
  • In this article, Eric Maisel offers ten ways to reframe common attitudes towards marketing one’s art. Promoting oneself is hard enough without perpetuating unhelpful patterns.
  • The Heritage Library Vintage Illustrations Gallery offees high-quality illustrations curated into collections with good titles (my favorite has to be Owl obsession). A lot of collections offer both PNG and vectors—a dream. Free to use.


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