New robots: Magni, Misty, and Loomo

Misty by Misty Robotics

Every week or so, I see a new robotic system pop up in my social feed. I do a bit of research and digging around and move on to other things. I finally decided to start writing about these robots, here, on my blog. Two of these robots rely on the idea that users will…

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HomePod is not large enough to hide Siri’s flaws

Apple released its smart speaker, HomePod, on Monday. Not a big surprise: We were expecting them to. I was surprised by the angle they used, though, to sell it during the keynote. They really made it about music: Access to Apple Music, great sound, and its ability to understand where it sits and optimize its…

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Trying Particle’s Photon

I was excited to receive four ESP8266 ESP-01 but I ran into a few issues. I anticipated a few power issues from Arduino to the ESP8266 so I ordered a 5V – 3.3V adapter. The ESP8266 is not very breadboard friendly, so that made it easier without having to worry about power. Well, it turned out that…

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